8 Deliciously Spooky Gluten Free Halloween Treats

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We absolutely love Halloween here at The Gluten Free Times, but we have to be honest, it’s one of the toughest holidays on us celiac or gluten sensitive people, isn’t it?

In order to help you have an amazing Halloween we prepared a list of some spooky gluten-free treats! Some are actually dairy-free and sugar free as well.

We hope you like them!


Raw Apple-Sunbutter-Teeth-Bites

1. Apple Sunbutter Teeth Bites – An awesome idea from Fork & Beans. We have seen this recipe in some other blogs, but this one is 100% healthy, gluten-free, dairy-free, so you should definitely check it out.

GF strawberry cream ghosts

2.Strawberry and Cream Ghosties – You are gonna love this recipe! River from the blog Wing it Vegan teaches us  this spooky and  fairly easy to make recipe. Besides it’s gluten-free and dairy-free, what else could you ask for in a Halloween treat?

GF Jack-O-Lantern-Orange-Fruit-Cups1

3. Jack-O-Lantern Orange Fruit Cups – We found this beautifully spooky idea on the website Simplee Thrifty. All you have to do is hollow out an orange, cut it like a jack-o-lantern and fill it with fresh fruit! (if you have access to organic fruit, it’s even better)

raw witches fingers

4. Raw Witches Fingers – These are made with walnuts, almonds, cashews and cacao powder and they are terrifyingly delicious. They are also from the website Fork and Beans.

GF Pumpkin-Pie-Slice

5. Vegan Pumpkin Pie Praline in Coconut-Pecan Crust– This is a recipe from the blog The Gluten Free Goddess. It is perfect for Halloween or Thanksgiving. It’s vegan which means, no eggs or milk. It might be hard work to make it, but we assure you it’s worth it.

GF caramel apples

6. Caramel Apples – We know everybody wants candies for Halloween and that apples can be boring, but these are certainly going to surprise. Even if you don’t like apples, we think you should give it a try. The recipe is from the blog Getting Raw.

GF banana mummies

7. Frozen Banana Mummies and Hairy Creature Things  – Go bananas with these banana mummies! They can be made by the kids and they are going to look fantastic at your gluten-free Halloween party. They are also dairy free! This caramel looking thing you see is actually made by cocoa butter and coconut sugar. This recipe is from the website Lexie’s Kitchen.

Monster Woopie Pie

8. Monster Woopie Pie With Coconut-Carrot Cream Filling – We had our staff’s kids over to make the Woopie Pie Monsters. They had a blast and we are sure your kids will too.

Which ones will you be making for your gluten-free Halloween party? Share your ideas as well, we would love to read them at the comments sections!


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