Should Celiacs Go on a Paleo Diet?

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You found out you have celiac disease or non-celiac gluten intolerance and you stopped eating gluten, you avoid eating out because you are afraid of getting “glutened” due to cross-contamination, you learn how to read labels and find gluten even when it’s disguised as something else. In other words, you become a gluten buster and you are proud of yourself.

A few weeks go by and you feel like nothing has changed yet, but you think it’s normal because people tell you it can take up to 2 years to fully recover and to be symptom-free after going gluten-free.

Six months go by, a year goes by and still no improvements and by then you are really frustrated!

Why could this be happening? There are a number of factors and we discussed them in another article that you can read clicking here.

The question we want to answer today is:

Since removing gluten from the diet is not enough for some celiacs what other foods should they stop eating?

Some say that the best way to heal your gut is to eliminate all grains, sugar, dairy and processed food.

There are studies that suggest a Paleo type diet would put people with the unresponsive celiac disease into remission, which means they would not continue to show anti-bodies to gliadin and transglutaminase, and/or have on-going gut inflammation. You can read more about one of those studies here.

But what is a Paleo diet anyway? Also known as the Caveman diet because it recommends eating as ancient paleolithic hunter-gatherers did. If the cavemen didn’t eat, you can’t eat either, so no grains, refined sugar, dairy, salt or refined vegetable oils.

So should celiacs go on a Paleo diet? Well, you are the one who should decide. If the gluten-free diet is not working for you, you might try doing what other celiacs have done, go Paleo! Some say that when they are symptom-free, they can even go back to the regular gluten-free diet. Here you can read the story of a celiac woman who finally felt healthy after starting a Paleo diet. And below, you can find a video with more information about the Paleo diet.

We would love to read your opinion. Are you on a Paleo diet or a regular gluten-free diet?

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