Cruising With Celiac Disease – Is it Possible?

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So, a while ago one of our Facebook fans asked us a question that we didn’t know how to answer:

“We are planning a cruise for this Spring, can anyone recommend if Royal Caribbean is accommodating with lots of options?”

There is not a member of our staff who likes cruising, so we literally knew nothing about the topic, however we did our homework and researched it for you!

As a celiac you know all trips involve tons of planning. If you want some tips about the planning part, click here to read our article 7 Tips For Traveling Gluten Free.

Back to cruising!! The idea of being stuck inside a ship makes me nervous because if there are no food options available you are in for the vacation of your nightmares. Luckily, there are cruise companies that do know about celiac disease, cross contamination and every thing else there is to know to accommodate those with celiac.

We have found a website called Gluten Free Travel Site. It belongs to Karen Broussard. She launched GlutenFreeTravelSite in 2008 after her son was diagnosed with Celiac Disease at a very young age. She and her family found that dining out and traveling could be a real challenge for people following gluten-free diets, and she wanted to provide a place where the gluten-free community could go to share their experiences first-hand with others and trust us, that’s exactly what you will find on their website!

On the Gluten Free Travel Site we found an article full of reviews of big cruise lines and to answer our Facebook fan’s question:

Yes, Royal Caribbean does accommodate with lots of options! Click here to watch a video on their website about how seriously they take food dietary restrictions.

To read the full article by Gluten Free Travel Site click here.

Through our research we have also found out about a travel agent who specializes in gluten-free traveling Her name is Lesley Hock and on an interview for the website she explains how she got started in the business:

“[Because of] the owner of my agency—one of her friend’s nieces had Celiac disease and wanted a vacation. Gluten-free then wasn’t as popular as it is now, and I was determined to find a place she could eat. I started calling top resorts and they kept asking me “What is gluten-free? Is that like kosher? Or no peanuts?” I realized they didn’t know anything about this and I thought something needed to be done. People think they can’t ever travel again. People think most destinations are off-limits to them, they think they have to rent a condo or an apartment because they don’t know what’s out there for them. It is often a genetic disorder, and there are so many children whose families couldn’t travel, they thought they would have to rent a villa or a cottage and do all their own cooking, and what kind of vacation is that?”

If you are planning a vacation and would like the help of Lesley, you can click here to get in touch with her.

How great would it be to have a vacation planned by someone who truly understands your needs?!!

Hope this article will help lots of you while planning your cruise ship vacations!



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