Date-Based Bars – Deliciously Healthy Gluten-Free Power Snack Bars

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Pure and Primal first contacted us to offer some samples of their Gluten-Free date-based bars and we said we would gladly try them, but we would not recommend them if we didn’t think they were outstanding. That’s how we handle our recommendations here, high-quality products that please our taste buds and don’t harm our health.

And that’s exactly what Pure and Primal date-based bars are!

The first thought that crossed our minds when we opened the boxes was: Wow, these seem to be exactly for people like us (healthy people), they are GMO-free, Vegan and Gluten Free. Now, all we need to do is find out if they are full-flavored or flavorless. We were definitely hoping they would taste great, it’s so hard finding snacks that are healthy and delicious.
We opened the Date and Almond one and our wishes came true! Delightfully sweet, not too sweet, just the right amount. Nicely moist and they are definitely gluten-free because we had no bad reaction to them.

All of their bars are date based and if you don’t know much about dates, allow us to tell you how wonderful they are. Dietary fiber in dates helps to move waste smoothly through your colon and helps prevent LDL (bad) cholesterol absorption by binding with substances containing cancer-causing chemicals. The iron content, a component of hemoglobin in red blood cells, determines the balance of oxygen in the blood. Potassium, an electrolyte, helps control your heart rate and blood pressure. B-vitamins contained in dates, such as the carotenes lutein and zeaxanthin, absorb into the retina to maintain optimal light-filtering functions and protect against macular degeneration, says Dr. Mercola.

Our favorite one is the Date and Apple, it’s the PERFECT combination. The Date and Almond was a hit here too (we had every one here tasting the bars), great for a mid-morning snack with a cup of tea! I believe it could be an awesome on-the-go breakfast as well because they really fill you up like food. I had mine at about 10 am and I wasn’t hungry for lunch time.

On their website, Pure and Primal states they strive to provide the best nutritional combination of only the most premium ingredients and we can tell their date-based bars are much superior in taste and nutrition if compared to other brands. They are low in sugar and sodium and free of all the artificial ingredients. We are delighted that they offered us some samples and surprised us in a positive way.

If you wish to try their bars, you can purchase them online clicking here.

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