The Good Side To Being a Celiac

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Is There a Good Side To Being a Celiac?

Though we try to think positive and visualize great things, we often focus on the negative aspects of life and that’s human nature.

In order to get out of this negative path, making a list of all the nice things you have in your life right now is a great start!

If you have celiac disease, you may be angry about all the food restrictions you have, you may be concerned about cross-contamination, you probably worry about the sneaky sources of gluten and you might be extremely annoyed about the fact that eating out or ordering in is a struggle now!

We get you! But, today we want to focus on the good stuff and we have found an article by the Celiac Community that couldn’t describe the positive aspects of celiac disease in a better way. The author makes a list of 10 things to be grateful for after you are diagnosed with celiac. Below, you will find a summary of this article.

The stark difference between now and then: my celiac disease is diagnosed and treated and I am well. How lucky I am compared to the 2.5 million Americans who are still undiagnosed and suffering. Like many others, I lived for years with fatigue and strange symptoms, continually rationalizing the symptoms and telling myself to push on.

Turning the tables  So, I thought this was a perfect time to reflect on the positive aspects of having a celiac diagnosis, a perspective that is rarely addressed in blogs, support groups and books about celiac disease and the gluten-free diet. Naturally, the focus of professional and peer support tends to be on the negative aspects of the disease because we all need help with the daily challenges, lack of knowledge in the medical community, ongoing health issues and social misperceptions. But today I would like to turn the tables and focus on the positive aspects of knowing you have celiac disease. How can taking that perspective impact your health and enrich your life?

People with positive attitudes recover faster, are sick less often and are happier. Although there is little scientific data correlating a positive attitude with a better outcome for celiac disease patients, it is reasonable to assume from related studies that a positive attitude about your celiac diagnosis will bring about positive change and improved health. A study by doctors at U.C. San Francisco found that children who had attended a week-long celiac camp demonstrated improvement in well-being, self-perception and emotional outlook.

Ten reasons to be grateful for your celiac disease diagnosis.

1. You are diagnosed

2. You feel better and have more energy 

3. You have an instant community

4. You may help your children or another family member

5. You may help someone else beyond your family

6. You decrease your chance of developing other health conditions

7. No medications, surgery or shots are required 

8. You adopt a healthier lifestyle and learn to cook

9. You are introduced to foods and cuisines you never tried before

10. You no longer worry you have a grave or terminal illness

Out of the 10 things listed by the author of the article, which one are you most grateful for? Let us know on the comments below.

If you wish to read the full article, click here


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