Our Review Of The Book 3 Steps To Gluten-Free Living By Melinda Arcara

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Melinda Arcara, from the blog Gluten-Free Bebe, who was diagnosed with gluten intolerance in 2010, has sent us an amazing gift: her book, 3 Steps To Gluten-Free Living!

This book answers the question, “how can I get started with a gluten-free diet?”

Melinda explains very clearly the 3 steps you should take to get started with your gluten-free diet whether you have just been diagnosed with celiac disease or gluten intolerance or you have simply decided to go gluten-free.

The first step is elimination! In this section she explains what gluten is and how you can find it hidden almost everywhere. She will also teach you a list of gluten containing grains and other names of gluten, so you won’t get “glutened” by accident.

Something we thought was very helpful on the first section is the Group Certifications matter. She explains there are 3 organizations that certify products as gluten-free and we thought that really makes our lives easier when it comes to shopping. Just by seeing those certifications we will know it’s a safe product!

The second step is transition! This section is all about helping you find the right attitude to face this HUGE change in your life. Melinda is going to help you deal with this hard moment by being teaching you to be proactive and taking responsibility for your own well-being. You will find a special place on the book for you to take notes about your transition, new foods you discovered, restaurants that are safe, snacks and lots more!So, keep this book near you at all times!

The third step is substitution! She shares with us all the products available at the grocery stores that she has tried and knows are good substitutions for gluten-containing products. You will also learn the grocery stores where you can easily find gluten-free items.
In this section she emphasizes the importance of eating healthy fresh foods to help heal your gut and cooking more at home is great way to achieve that.

In the end of the book there are also some nice recipes to get you started with your gluten-free diet. We tried the Southwestern Quinoa and Kale Salad and it tastes amazing!!

If you want to learn more about a gluten-free diet that can truly make you feel healthy, we strongly recommend you get Melinda’s book. It’s available on Amazon and you can get it clicking here.

Thanks for the gift, Melinda!


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