Why Are Gluten-free Products So Expensive?

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Complaining about the prices of the gluten-free products is something we do every time we have to go grocery shopping, isn’t it? Even when we are not shopping we complain about those prices and it couldn’t be any different. On average, gluten-free products are 242% more expensive than regular products.

But why oh why are gluten-free products SO expensive?

Here are some of the reasons we came up with!

For a company to be able to label their products as gluten-free, they must obtain gluten-free certification which can be costly and time consuming.

Different independent organizations have different standards that manufacturers must meet to receive gluten-free certification. These may include the following:

  • Gluten-Free Certification Organization (GFCO)
  • National Foundation for Celiac Awareness Gluten-Free Certification Program (NFCA)
  • The International Certification Services (ICS)
  • Celiac Sprue Association Seal of Recognition (CSA)
  • Gluten-Free Standards Organization (GFSA)

Avoiding gluten cross-contamination is another costly measure companies that produce gluten-free product must be on top of. According to Chris Bekermeier, a certified gluten free food manufacturer, some of the steps involved in avoiding cross-contamination of even naturally gluten-free foods include:

  1. Manufacturing in a dedicated gluten-free facility
  2. Utilizing specialized equipment
  3. Creating written documentation on product specification and analysis
  4. Creating written document on processing conditions and certifications
  5. Testing every batch produced for gluten and allergens
  6. Obtaining third-party written certification to verify products as gluten-free”

Finally, there is not much competition in the market and companies that advantage of that. They know those who rely on a gluten-free diet as a treatment won’t stop buying their products, so they keep the prices high.

With that in mind we thought it would be wise to think about ways to save money being gluten free! Here are some ideas:

1. Stop buying packaged products

2. Make your own flour mixes

3. Buy in bulk

4. Eat naturally gluten-free foods

5. If you have to buy packaged products, search for deals online

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